Namibia Untamed

TOUR DATE22 May – 5 June 2025 (16 days) xFULL
TOUR LEADERS Marsel van Oosten and Daniella Sibbing
GENRE landscape and wildlife
FEE 9500 EURO from Windhoek, Namibia
DEPOSIT 1,500 EURO per person
GROUP SIZE min. 8, max. 12 guests
LEVEL all experience levels

This tour is one of our most popular one and it is again fully booked. Want to join us in 2025 or 2026 in Namibia? Please use the booking form below to enter your name on the waiting list and/or be informed about new tour dates.

Please note that we’re finalizing the program and there may be some tweaks. The final itinerary and price will be communicated to you for confirmation of your booking.

This photo tour will bring you all the highlights of Namibia, famed for its hauntingly beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. We will be photographing endless desert landscapes, fairytale-like quiver trees and fascinating natural rock formations. Explore the world’s highest and most spectacular red sand dunes around Sossusvlei, and shoot surreal images at Deadvlei – every landscape photographer’s dream. We will take you to where the dunes meet the ocean, and we will top it all off with a visit to a luxury private game reserve and its abundant wildlife.

Spouses and non-photographing travel companions will also enjoy this amazing trip!

“Many thanks for such a fantastic itinerary on the Namibia Untamed tour. You combined great photographic opportunities with a most memorable holiday experience.” -Kah Kit Yoong, Australia

A unique combination of spectacular landscape and wildlife photography. We will photograph quivertrees and rock formations, the famous red sand dunes at Sossusvlei and the surreal Deadvlei, we’ll watch cheetah on foot, and see other African wildlife at a waterhole and on drives in a private game reserve.

Namibia is the place for night photography, and we’ve extended our time to do that compared to previous years. There will be several sessions where we’ll be shooting the incredible Namibian night skies. On this tour Marsel will give a dedicated workshop explaining everything you need to know about photographing the stars, star trails and light painting, and he will help you to get stunning results in the field. He was the world’s first photographer to create a whole series of night images at Deadvlei, and he was the first to do light painting there.

Since the Sossuslei/Deadvlei region has become a World Heritage Site, the rules are getting more and more strict. Because of this, it’s no longer allowed to be in the park after sunset. Up to now we have been able to visit Deadvlei and stay until it’s dark enough to do night photography, simply based on the good relationship we have with guides and the park officials, but it’s not something we can guarantee to happen. Nor is it a reason to cancel or get a refund if we can’t do night photography in the dunes.

This trip is suitable for photographers of all experience levels. There will be daily briefings, in the field instructions, raw processing tips, and image reviews in the evenings. You’ll return with spectacular images!

“As a complete beginner with no prior knowledge of photography I did not think I would be able to participate much and that was not the case – I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from Marsel’s reviews and workshops. Daniëlla is a great organiser and nurturer! Thank you both for a wonderful trip. I am very inspired to go further and learn more…” -Luana, South Africa

It will be pleasantly warm during the day, cool and sometimes even cold in the mornings and evenings.

For this tour we have selected a combination of simple but comfortable guesthouses and luxury lodges, strategically located for optimal photography opportunities.

Parts of the tour are easy, but some are strenuous. We drive to most shooting locations with the bus and can park relatively close. However, you will often be walking on uneven and rocky terrain and we stay until it is dark. If you have balance issues, this might not be the trip for you. There is also a strenuous 25-minute walk in and out of Deadvlei, where you will have to walk on soft sand, through the dunes.

“Just wanted to drop you a note to express our thanks for one of the best run tours we have had the pleasure of taking. It is quite obvious you care deeply for your client’s experience – not something we always encounter. Not one day felt like it had not been gone over with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the most was made from limited time. You were also immensely pleasurable company and this turned the trip from a good photo tour into a great 2 weeks. Thank you for your time and immense enthusiasm, it was deeply infectious.” -Mike & Sherrie, United Kingdom

In 2025 we will visit our favorite African country for the 22nd time. We were the first company to offer specialized photography tours to Namibia, and when Marsel first shared his Namibia images on the internet, most people had never seen pictures of the surreal landscapes before, and some had never even heard of it. Well, that has changed. Marsel’s Namibia images are famous all over the world, have won major international awards, and have been published in National Geographic magazine. Our Namibia tour is now, by far, our most copied tour – often the itineraries are an exact copy of ours. So does that mean you can get the same tour elsewhere? No, it doesn’t.

We have travelled and photographed in Namibia for over two decades – we know the country by heart. We know all the perfect spots and the best angles from years of experience and don’t just rely on some local tour operator. And very important: we have a very good relationship with the people in Namibia. This is especially important when you want to visit places no one else does, or when you need special permission to stay out late in places where no one else is allowed to. Up to now, we are amongst the few companies still allowed to do night photography in Deadvlei. And we will do our best to bring you there (but can NOT guarantee it!).

That’s it? No, we are very proud to have a return customer rate of over 75% – people that have travelled with us, often travel with us again, and again. Surely that must mean something.

“An exceptional tour. Well balanced and would suit everyone from beginner to advanced. Stunning scenery, fantastic locations, and the planning was perfect. Long days but well worth it! I certainly could not have achieved the same results by visiting Namibia by myself. Thank you so much for the most memorable photographic trip of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this trip to everyone.” -Tony McLean, UK


  • transfer from/to airport
  • all accommodation
  • all meals
  • all drinks
  • in-the-field instructions
  • image reviews
  • Photoshop tips and tricks
  • a workshop how to photograph stars and star trails
  • 40-seater bus for a group of 14 people
  • excursions in 4×4 vehicles in the dunes
  • private boat cruise to photograph pelicans, flamingos and seals
  • 4×4 jeeps taking you to where the dunes meet the ocean
  • private mobile camp in Spitzkoppe
  • gamedrives in a private game reserve


  • international flights
  • travel and cancellation insurance
  • personal purchases (snacks, etc)
  • gratuities
  • optional activities (like microlighting)

Please note that on both our Namibia tour we are not able to cater for all dietary requirements. Namibia is a meat eating country and we’ll eat local meat like Springbok on this tour. It’s more accessible than beef or chicken and is one of their natural food sources. If you are vegetarian and do not eat meat or fish, you should be fine. They can also handle gluten or lactose intolerance in most cases. But if you follow a vegan lifestyle, we are very sorry, but we can’t cater for your diet on these tours.

For your information, we also have a link to our Terms & Conditions for you.

ONLY if you live in The Netherlands, Germany or Belgium can we arrange cancellation insurance for you, and it needs to be arranged upon booking. In all other cases, we advise you to get cancellation insurance through a third party. For more information go to:

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