Ice Capades is photo of the month

Marsel’s Iceland picture ‘Ice Capades’ is Image of the Month on Naturescapes.

Here’s the background info that accompanies the shot:‘Early this year I was travelling in Iceland, scouting for locations for a new tour. I was prepared to see a lot of spectacular landscapes, people had even warned me that I would get hooked, but it still greatly exceeded my expectations. As a result I didn’t cover a lot of distance each day – too much to see and photograph! And as a result of that, I stayed much longer than anticipated – which was not too bad by the way.

This was taken at sunrise. I had set my alarm clock very early to check out the weather, and it didn’t look very promising – completely overcast. The weather in Iceland changes quickly though, so I decided to give it a try anyway. When I arrived at the beach the clouds already started to move away and the sky opened up a little. Enough for some light and color to come through. Moments like this can disappear quickly, so I had to move fast. I shot three exposures to capture all the brightness levels and later merged them in PS.


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