Rhinos Without Borders

On our Squiver tour to Botswana we stay in two world famous camps: Duba Plains and Selinda. Apart from the fact that these lodges offer us spectacular photographic opportunities, it is also important to know that the conservation fees that we pay for our visit are really put to work by Great Plains Conservation!

One of the projects that is sponsored by Great Plains, is ‘Rhinos Without Borders’. The aim of this organization is to move 100 rhino away from high density populations that are attracting more and more poaching. The animals are being translocated to Botswana, a country that boasts an excellent anti-poaching record. A cause that deserves applause.


Earlier this year, the first batch of rhino was moved from a high-risk area in South Africa to a safer location in Botswana. One of the rhino earmarked for the move was a female, who was translocated along with a younger calf. While carrying out routine blood tests, the team was delighted to discover that she was also pregnant at the time of the move. Having successfully settled down in her new home in Botswana, the female has given birth just in time for World Rhino Day, which was 22 September. More info can be found on the website of Rhinos Without Borders.

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