Squiverati only tour

DATE 5 – 21 July 2025 (17 days)
GENRE Wildlife
LOCATION undisclosed
TOUR LEADER Marsel van Oosten & Daniella Sibbing
FEE undisclosed
LEVEL all experience levels


All people are equal, but some are more equal than others. Our guests for instance. Once you have traveled with Squiver, you automatically join the Squiver community – the Squiverati. Whenever we introduce a new tour, we send out a newsletter to all Squiverati so they get first choice. Our tours sell out quickly and long in advance, and this is our way to reward our frequent flyers.

And there’s another reason. We like to create unique tours, and unfortunately those get copied a lot. We pride ourselves at having set up the world’s first photo tour to Namibia many years ago, a photo tour to the Cypress Swamps in Texas and Louisiana, and to China for the snub-nosed monkeys – just to name a few. But there are now hundreds of photo tours to Namibia, and both our swamp tour and our monkey tour were copied in a matter of months.

We spend a lot of time and money on our scouting tours in order to create the best possible itinerary, so it’s super frustrating when they are copied by companies that don’t want to put in that extra effort to create something unique. This is why we have decided to only communicate our new tours to the outside world when we still have a few open spots.

As soon as we have some openings on this tour, we will open it up for non-Squiveratis – that will be your chance to become a Squiverati too!

Marsel & Daniella