Nikon Ambassador

I’m very proud to announce that I am now officially a Nikon Ambassador. Many of you thought I already was a Nikon Ambassador because of the global introduction campaigns for the Z7 and the D850 that I worked on, but no.

In 1988 I bought my very first camera – a pink Haking Pix point-and-shoot with yellow and lilac buttons. Yes, I know. But soon after, I bought my first Nikon SLR – the Nikon F401 with a 35-70mm lens. I have been a Nikon shooter ever since.

In chronological order: F401 (1989), F801 (1990), F100 (1999), D70 (2004), D2X (2005), D2XS (2006), D3 (2007), D3X (2009), D3S (2010), D4 (2012), D800 (2012), D4S (2014), D810 (2014), D5 (2016), D500 (2016), D850 (2017), Z7 (2018).

The last six cameras I still own and use.

I’ve always said that photography is not about the gear, it’s about creativity: the best photographs are made inside your head. But the tools are important for any artist, also for me. In the end, my cameras and lenses will make the difference between a good shot and a perfect one: whether it’s faster focusing, sharper images, bigger dynamic range, or less noise – these things will ultimately result in better quality images or they will enable me to get shots I would otherwise not be able to get. The better the gear, the better the creative opportunities.

O, and being an ambassador doesn’t mean I know when the new Nikon cameras and lenses are coming out and what the specs will be. So don’t bother :-)

We’re off to Namibia tomorrow, so I have to finish packing now!


  1. Mike Hinshaw says:

    Hello Marsel,
    Congratulations on your Ambassadorship in 2019. You are living so many of our dreams.
    If you don’t mind & have time would you give your opinion on the D500. I’m using the Z7 II & learning as I go. Wanting to purchase the 500PF I was planning to mount it on the D500. Although, I have the FTZ I like the idea of the “native” combo. Far from a pro & have a lot to learn, would this purchase make sense?
    I was just reading Squiveblog & enjoyed reading your comments.

    Stay safe!

    Mike in Alaska

    1. Marsel van Oosten says:

      Hey Mike,

      I have used a D500 for several years as my second wildlife body, next to my D5. The 500PF is an amazing lens: it’s very compact and light for a 500, making it great for shooting action handheld. I also often bring it on my landscape trips whenever I think I might need something longer than a 70-200. It’s also my long lens of choice when I have to travel light. And most importantly: it’s very sharp. Hope that helps!


  2. Mike Hinshaw says:

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate your opinion. All I have to do now is continue waiting for the 500PF to be in stock!


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