Namibian Nights video on Red Bull website

A few more weeks to go, and we are back in Namibia. We love Namibia. It was the first ever Squiver tour we set up, because we thought it was a location with absolutely stunning and unique landscapes. Marsel has made Namibia “his own” and won many awards with images shot on various locations in Namibia. Over the years we’ve been back a zillion times, and we still enjoy every time we do. And we are not the only ones that think Namibia is worth an extra visit… On our upcoming two tours we have several guests going for a second, and some even for a third time (!) with us to Namibia. Yes, it’s that nice a tour! :-)

Red Bull Adventure wanted to do a story about time-lapse videos and selected “6 time-lapse videos begging to be seen”. And guess which video is at the top of the list? Right. Our Namibian Nights video. You can have a look here at the selection they made.



  1. Ralf Krumm says:

    Stunning time-laps video. Gratulations!!

    And the camera movements are fabulous. It gives the time-laps a realistic touch – not so static as most of the timelapse videos who are mounted on a tripod.

    Can You tell me how you have settled the camera movements? Especially the vertical movements? With a slider?

    1. Marsel van Oosten says:

      Hi Ralf,

      Thank you, happy you like it :-)

      All the moving scenes were shot on a slider. Have a look at the blog and search for the Hercules Rising field report – you see some of my setups there.


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