Marsel featured in Nikon D850 video

Nikon Asia has published a video on how they test the ruggedness of its DSLR cameras – specifically the D850. The video opens with some Dutch photographer with an outrageously charming accent :-)

I just returned from a spectacular trip to the Arctic where I spent 10 days on a ship, searching for polar bears. For almost the entire trip, I left my camera bag outside on the deck as to not cause any condensation – this can easily happen if you take your cold gear inside a warm and humid environment. On several occasions my cameras and lenses got wet from the spray from the ocean which at some point even froze. No problem whatsoever. For a professional nature photographer, reliability is just as important as all the other specs!



  1. Grog says:

    You’re a natural born movie star Marsel. Next time, I’ll have to capture your autograph (who knew?!)

    1. Marsel van Oosten says:

      Thanks Grog, but my autographs are very expensive nowadays. But I can touch your shutter finger to transfer some of my divine inspiration – would that help?

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