50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Natural History Museum has published a new book: ’50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year – How Wildlife Photography Became Art.’ With only 180 photographs in the book, I am proud to be one of the featured photographers. It’s a real honor to be amongst so many truly great artists.

This special collection is a celebration of 50 years of the world-famous Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and of wildlife photography itself, featuring many of the greatest nature photographs of all time. The prize-winning images are accompanied by captions that put the photographs in context, explaining their importance and revealing the vision, talent, passion and technique of the world’s leading wildlife photographers.

‘This is a collection of work from the competition that, over the past half century, has become an international showcase for the very best wildlife photography – images that have the power to affect how we feel about the natural world and therefore how we treat it.’
-Sir David Attenborough

You can order the book here: http://ow.ly/3rDQUE (Amazon) or throught the website of the National History Museum.

50 Years of WPY


  1. Greg Resnik says:

    Congratulations Marsel! You are most deserving of being recognized and honoured in this prestigious publication. Your work, your art, is exceptional. Those of us who have had the privilege of travelling and photographing with you know that this award is truly befitting your talents, professionalism, and personality. Well done!

    1. Marsel van Oosten says:

      Thank you very much for those kind words Greg. Looking forward to see you in Namibia next year!

    2. Desi says:

      Great post on star photography, I cant find annyoe in this area (Seattle) offering workshop or instruction on this type of photography. Where do you base your workshops out of? I would love an oppritunity to join one of your classes.

      1. Marsel van Oosten says:

        Hi Desi – our tours are all over the place. Best trip for night photography would be our Namibia Untamed tour. But we also do northern lights in Iceland. If you have any questions, just drop us an email!

  2. Mark Leddra says:

    All that Greg says +1. So how about going back to your ‘corporate’ days and doing a photoshoot for Nandos?

    1. Marsel van Oosten says:

      Thanks Mark! Next time we travel together, I’ll make sure we have lunch at Nandos ;-)

  3. Judy Murphy says:

    I am very new to your work but what I have seen so far is amazing. I am also very new to the world of photography. I was reading about how people can sign up to go to different locations with you. What I was wondering is, do you ever take people like me who is just starting out and at the best is pre-school when it comes to photography. Anyway just something I was contemplating. Thank you so much for sharing your eye for beauty with all of us.
    Take care JM

    1. Marsel van Oosten says:

      Hi Judy – the people that travel with us are of all experience levels. We have guests that just bought their first camera a month before the trip, up to semi-pro and pro photographers. We also get couples of which one is into photography and the other is not :-)

      This large variety of experience levels actually works very well for everyone – we can all learn from each other. You may not be as experienced when it comes to camera technique, but your creativity may be an inspiration to others for instance. We travel in small groups of like minded enthusiasts and it’s definitely not a competition. It’s all about photography and having a great time.

      In many ways, joining a photo tour is the best and the most fun way to improve your photography in a relatively short time, and return with great images.

      If you have any questions, please drop me an email.


  4. Bastiaan Storm says:

    Hi Marsel,
    Geweldige prestaties heb je geleverd, dank voor de inspiratie!!
    Ik ben woonachtig in Australie en met 200% motivatie werk ik aan mijn portfolio, specifiek roofvogels!
    Ik blijf je volgen en veel succes!

    1. Marsel van Oosten says:

      Dankjewel Bastiaan! Veel succes met de roofvogels!

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