• Posted on 17 December 2013

    Back from Antarctica

    We’re back in Ushuaia. Antarctica was awesome. The weather was extremely good – as a matter of fact a bit too good. Lots of sunshine and blue skies, not something I would pick for this place. But I guess it’s better than being stuck on the ship because of storms. We got none of tha > Read More....

  • Posted on 22 July 2013

    Camp Antarctica

    Here’s the latest blog post that I wrote for National Geographic: Antarctica is without doubt one of the wildest places on earth. It is seriously remote, it is not easy (or cheap) to get there, there is no infrastructure, and the climate is as extreme as it can get. When I traveled there for t > Read More....

  • Posted on 20 January 1955


    People often ask how big the icebergs can get in Antarctica – well, pretty big. This one was so massive, it completely dwarfed a cruise ship. This was shot from aboard a small zodiac. The conditions could not have been better – dark skies, calm weather, good reflections – so I deci > Read More....

  • Posted on 15 January 1946

    The Red Penguin

    This was shot on one of my many visits to Antarctica, and it shows exactly what I love about it so much – spectacular landscapes and extremely relaxed wildlife. The person standing there in fashionable red is my friend Frieda, a German biologist and geologist. In my work I like to use people a > Read More....

  • Posted on 17 January 1906

    Ice Gills

    If you like ice, then you’ll love Antarctica. There’s land ice, sea ice, glaciers, and the most amazing ice bergs. Especially the ice bergs are amazing. Some are so large, that they look more like islands. The great thing about ice, is that it constantly changes. One moment you’re > Read More....

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