Tiger Toddlers

DATES 31 March – 8 April 2024 (9 days) xFULL
GENRE wildlife
TOUR LEADERS Marsel van Oosten and Daniella Sibbing
FEE 9500 EURO from Johannesburg, South Africa
SINGLE SUPPL. no single rooms
GROUP SIZE 6 participants
LEVEL all experience levels

There have been tiger cubs born in Tiger Canyon end of June 2023 and we’ll be spending a full week with them!

If you would like to be put on the waiting list, in case there are cancellations, please make a booking via the button on this page.

This tour offers you unique opportunities to photograph tigers in the best photographic conditions possible. We travel in a very small group and use private vehicles where you have your own row of seats.

Tiger Canyon is the best place on earth to photograph wild tigers. There is no comparison. We were one of the pioneers in hosting photographic tiger safaris here, and we are proud to have put Tiger Canyon firmly on the tiger photography map. For 11 years already, we have run tours to this amazing place and are still as excited about it as on our first visit. In all those years, we have seen Tiger Canyon grow bigger and more professional while keeping its wonderful out-of-the-ordinary character. It has really stolen our hearts, which might explain why some people call us heartless.

This year, we hosted two tours at Tiger Canyon, and that’s where we learned that the famous white tigress Tibo — the world’s only wild white tiger — was pregnant. Tiger cubs are some of the cutest and most photogenic creatures in our universe and beyond, so we got very excited. End of June, three healthy cubs were born — all natural orange. In the first few months, the cubs will stay inside their den, and photography will be difficult. However, after 3-4 months, they will start exploring the big bad world outside and slowly venture further away from mom. This is when things start getting a lot more interesting for us photographers.

Young tigers are much more active than adult tigers, and since there are now three of them, there will be a lot of interaction. Great for photography!

This is why we have decided to run a special Tiger Toddlers tour in April next year. We know it’s very last minute, but you can’t plan these things and we have to take advantage of the opportunity. By April, the cubs will be 9 months old. No longer tiny and fluffy, but still much smaller than an adult tiger and a lot more playful. It is the interaction and the play-fighting that we are most interested in.

So if you have a gap in your calendar and you like the idea of shooting at a tiger playground, let us know!

In Johannesburg we stay at an airport hotel. At the tiger sanctuary we stay in a luxury lodge located within the tiger reserve.

Tigers in Africa? Yes. The tiger is highly endangered, and Asia is struggling to keep the numbers from dropping even further. Bad for the tiger, and bad for photography – tiger safaris in India can be pretty frustrating. On this tour we will take you to a revolutionary tiger sanctuary where tigers roam free in stunning scenery. You are virtually guaranteed to see tigers on every drive, and you can photograph their natural behavior in various surroundings; hunting, playing, relaxing, and even swimming.

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip. It was truly an unique experience. It was the best trip I have taken from a true photography perspective. I have traveled with three other photo tours. They would make arrangements to get a nice picture of an animal. But not the best picture possible. Not something unique or different. This was why your tour was so much better. You are both very conscious of lighting and angles, creating a beautiful image. In addition I really learned something from Marsel’s review sessions. I have never been able to say before that I am a better photographer, but I can after traveling with you. I have a long way to go, so I am planning to enjoy more trips with you in the future.” -Bill Phillips, USA


  • local transport
  • return flight to & from Bloemfontein
  • accommodation (8 nights)
  • all meals
  • drinks
  • park fees
  • image reviews
  • field instructions
  • workshops


  • International flight(s)
  • travel and cancellation insurance
  • personal items (snacks, etc)
  • gratuities

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