Pure Persia

DATES February/March 2025 (19 days)
GENRE landscape and culture
TOUR LEADERS Marsel van Oosten & Daniella Sibbing
SINGLE SUPPL. 950 USD for a single room
DEPOSIT 1,500 USD per person
GROUP SIZE max. 12 guests
LEVEL all experience levels

Spouses and non-photographing travel companions will also enjoy this trip tremendously!

This tour has been carefully put together by us and combines the best architecture and landscape photography that Iran has to offer. Did we just say Iran? We did! This country has been opening up to tourism more and more, and boy does it have a lot to offer. We spent several weeks scouting for the best photo locations and found several places where few photographers have ever set foot. The result is a truly unique tour that will take you all across the country to photograph the most amazing architecture of Iran’s countless mosques and historical buildings, as well as mind-blowing (and sand-blowing) landscapes.

“Our last trip in 2018 was our Pure Persia photo tour to Iran, and it’s been an amazing mix of landscape, culture and architecture photography – by far the most diverse trip we’ve ever run. And what a trip it was. Sure, the landscapes are incredible and the architecture is mind-blowing, but what has made the biggest impression on me, are the people. Iranians are by far the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever encountered on my travels.” -Marsel van Oosten

We have made a digital brochure for you with more detailed information, and some really cool images to show you how diverse and beautiful this trip is. Please read it carefully, because this tour is not for everyone. You can find the digital brochure here.

There is also a video with a tour impression that you can watch on our website in the video gallery. Or you can watch it on our Squiver Vimeo channel.

“I found Iran to be one of the most authentic countries I have visited. The people of Iran were so friendly and kind to us. Marsel and Daniella took us to the most incredible places to photograph. Pack your bags and do it. You won’t regret it!” -Karen Massier (Canada)

We realize this tour may not fit the mindset of everyone, but you have to keep in mind it’s mostly the governments that have problems with one another, not the people in the country themselves. We’ve already successfully conducted stour to Iran with 12 guests, amongst which were also people from the UK, Canada, and the USA. All of our guests on the tour felt extremely welcome. If you ask them for feedback on the tour, they will say they were overwhelmed by the beauty of the country and the kindness of the people.

“Thanks Marsel and Daniella for a fantastic trip to Iran. Iran is now one of my all time favourite holidays! The photography options were so diverse – amazing landscapes plus beautiful architecture and people photos. Iran has to be the friendliest country I’ve ever visited. Every day people would genuinely welcome us to their country and thank us for visiting. Such warm and welcoming people and a beautiful country.
Thank you for organising such a memorable trip! ”
-Maree Alilovic (Australia)

Everyone will need to apply for a VISA to travel to Iran. For most nationalities it takes about a month to get your VISA processed; for people from the USA, Canada or UK it can be up to 3 months before they get official approval. Iran has started working with a paper-visa, which means that you no longer get a VISA stamp in your passport, but receive an official VISA document. This new system has however not yet been implemented everywhere. If you have a stamp from Israel in your passport, you can’t join the tour unless you get a new passport. Unfortunately, you also won’t be able to join us if you have the Israeli nationality. Being Jewish is not a problem.

“I often say that in order to grow as a photographer, it’s good to step out of your comfort zone every now and then and try something completely different. It will make you think more, and it will make you work harder. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the magnificent mosques and historical buildings of Iran, and the funny thing is that even though it’s very different from shooting landscapes and wildlife, the same rules apply. I find myself looking at the scenes and analyzing them in the same way that I do with my regular subject matter – it’s all about composition, shapes and light.” -Marsel van Oosten


  • domestic flight(s) and airport tax
  • English speaking local guide
  • all local transport
  • rental of 4×4 vehicles and local guides in the desert
  • all entrance fees and park fees
  • all accommodation
  • all meals
  • all alcoholic drinks 😂
  • drinking water and all soft drinks
  • daily briefings
  • photographic instructions
  • in the field tips & tricks
  • image reviews
  • loads of fun


  • international airfares
  • expenses of personal nature
  • tips & gratuities
  • insurances and visa

Marsel made an Instragram story of our 2018 Pure Persia tour, which can be viewed here. It will give you an impression of what it’s like to travel with us to Iran.

“Iran was for Rita and I a fantastic tour. It was not only the perfect balance between culture and landscape photography but it has also opened our eyes. The Iranian people are really friendly, warm and welcoming. This is different from what you expect, so we now try to source news from more sources to shape our opinion. The time we had in the colorful mountains and the dessert I loved and for sure I will return to that part of the world. The trip has energized us to return in the near future albeit it might be one of the ….stans, or back to Iran. With respect to Squiver, the level of organization has again been up to the highest standards. Nothing left to coincidence; everything perfect.” -Jan-Pieter & Rita (The Netherlands)

For your information, we also have a link to our Terms & Conditions for you.

If you would like to take out cancellation insurance for a tour, it needs to be arranged upon booking. You can get cancellation insurance through a third party, or we can arrange it for you. For more information go to: www.squiver.com/insurance.html.

“If landscape and architecture photography is your thing, then a visit to Iran has to be on top of your bucket list. Its unimaginably beautiful desertscapes, as well as its world class and refined architecture, will easily blow you away. Something that surprised us even more when touring Iran, was the overwhelming hospitality and genuine friendliness of the people of Iran towards us as Westerners. We felt extremely welcome. Oh, and of course combine all this with the renowned Squiver style of organizing trips; you can not go wrong here. A huge thank you to Marsel and Daniella for making this trip unforgettable!” -Karin de Winter & Jo van Rossem (Belgium)