No more international wires or costly PayPal payments: you simply pay your invoice by transferring money to a bank in your own country and they will forward the money to us. This new system gives you the following benefits:

>> No more high transaction costs from your bank for international transfers!
If your home currency is for instance USD and your invoice is in EURO, the transfer is totally free of charge.
If your home currency is for instance USD and your invoice is in USD, the costs for the transfer are just 10 to 15 USD.

>> No more lousy exchange rates for currency exchange done by your bank.
Exchange4Free will quote you very accurate exchange rates.


Step 1: Click on the 'START PAYMENT' button at the end of this page to start up the payment process.


  • Payment reference type: select "Invoice number".
  • Put in your SQUIVER invoice number as a reference
  • Payment reason is: "pay invoice".
  • Invoice currency: select "EUR" or "USD", depending on the currency on the invoice you received from us.
  • Put in your invoice amount, as indicated on your invoice.
  • Click on GET QUOTE to get to step 2.

PLEASE NOTE: the payment method is different per country, and the choices you see are based on your local banking system.

PAYMENT METHOD 1: via WIRE TRANSFER / E.F.T. (Electronic Funds Transfer)

This is applicable for most countries and is for transfers via internet banking or telephone banking.


  • STEP 2: Fill in your personal details and click 'NEXT'.
  • STEP 3: Tick all boxes to agree to making the payment that same day. Click on 'PAY' to finish the online process.


The end result is a payment instruction which you will see on your screen. It tells you how to transfer money to us, via a local bank. This looks like this:


Use the payment instruction to make the payment via your regular banking system (online or telephone banking).

The above instructions are an example for the banking system in the USA.
If you live in Europe, you will receive the IBAN of an European bank to make the payment to.

You will also receive the payment instructions per email and via text message on your phone.

  1. IMPORTANT: do not add the Squiver invoice number as a reference to your payment, ONLY put in the deposit reference as provided. This reference code tells Exchange4Free to forward the payment to Squiver.
  2. We will confirm receipt of your payment per email. This usually takes a couple of working days.


PAYMENT METHOD 2: via A.C.H.( only availale in the Americas )

A.C.H. is a slower process than a wire or E.F.T. but more cost effective.

  • In Step 1 you select A.C.H. for payment method.
  • Step 2 and 3 are the same as described above (Step 2 = personal information, Step 3 = confirm and pay)


Please fill in your banking info on the Pay Via ACH Debit screen, so a debit order can be generated. 

  • Very important for the debit order to be succesfull (!!!!):
    • The bank account holder name can not no longer than 20 characters
    • The routing number should be 9 digits long.
    • The account number should be 12 digits long. >> If your account has less digits, add zeros at the front to make it 12 digits long!
  • At the top and the bottom the name of the receiving partner is mentioned to whom the payment will be made.

The end result of the online ACH process is NOT a payment instruction for an electronic or phone transfer, but a DEBIT order.

Based on the details provided, your account gets debited. The receiving partner will forward the money to us. 

The screen above is just an example. Based on your own banking details, the receiving party may be different.


Click on the button below to start up the payment process for both payment methods (Wire/EFT or ACH debit order):