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About Ryan Dyar

Based in Seattle, Washington, Ryan lives and breathes nature as a professional landscape photographer. Spending every free moment possible in the field has trained his relatively young eyes well for composition and natural beauty. Ryan Dyar’s love for the outdoors is a product of his youth. As an avid snowboarder, he spent much of the past decade high in mountain backcountry growing a fondness for the wilderness that would eventually fuel his photographic fire.

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Ryan’s workshops this year. This was a long time coming for me as his work has been an absolute inspiration to me for many years and it was always a goal of mine to one day shoot with him. It was apparent right off the bat how devoted he is to his craft and to the people who attend his workshops. He puts 100% of his effort into researching, scouting, learning about the individuals in the group and making sure everyone, no matter what skill level they are at, is getting the most they possibly can from this experience. His personal attentiveness, approachability, and selfless attitude make for a very comfortable and fun learning environment at all times. It was great to know that Ryan is just as good a person as he is photographer and a real joy to be around. Because of him I have an experience I will never forget, new knowledge in the field as well as in post, and a new passion for photography—and for that I am very grateful.” -Ryan Buchanan (USA)

Ryan focuses primarily on the big, bold, and dramatic scenes that he fell in love with in his youth. Be it a majestic mountain rising through the colorful clouds of dawn, he captures the scene in a style that is immediately recognizable to his audience. In the past 7 years in the business, Ryan has generated quite a following and has been recognized by publications and contests alike for his keen eye of all the beauty to be found in nature, and the ability to capture it.

“Recently I had the opportunity to join Ryan Dyar on a photo tour and workshop. I am a pro photographer who has lots of experience taking photo workshops and tours. They either left me feeling ambivalent, anxious and exhausted under the pressure to perform and to keep up, or just annoyed by selfish photographers getting in the way. Confused by tour leaders who were terrible teachers and had big egos. I was a non-believer and really wasn’t expecting to enjoy myself or want to ever do another workshop or tour.
I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was with Ryan’s tour. Ryan is a brilliantly talented photographer and a welcoming, kind and patient mentor. He let’s you create your vision with helpful hints on improving it in the field or in post processing. He doesn’t want you to regurgitate his portfolio; he wants you to find your way in your own time creatively and is always available to help you fine tune it. He offers inspirational insight and lessons in post processing, which you can take advantage of if you want to. He isn’t pushy or overbearing. Ryan is a joy to photograph with and to learn from in every possible way.
I left the workshop having learned new techniques in the field and in post processing and I think I’m a better photographer because of it. We fit perfectly together, like two pieces of a puzzle and I think I can say the same for the other participants. He is able to get along with everyone. He’s a terrific person, tour and workshop leader and insightful mentor. I would recommend any tour he is leading or co-leading. I’m looking forward to getting out in the field with Ryan again soon.”
-Peri Schelat (USA)

His goal as a nature photographer is to bring his viewer into the photograph, giving them a chance to feel the scene. “As a photographer, I want to capture all the feelings and emotions that run through me while taking the image and put them into the photo. Feeling the cool morning breeze on my skin, hearing waves crashing ashore on the lake, squinting in the warm light of a summer sunset, these are things I try to portray in my work. I want to bring life to a two dimensional medium”.

For several years now, Ryan has been succesfully leading photographic tours, and he is excited about joining the Squiver team. Ryan is a great person to travel with and loves to share his photography skills. And as an extra bonus, everyone who joins a photography tour hosted by Ryan, will also receive his tutorial videos with tips on post processing.

Check out Ryan’s Portfolio, to see some of his amazing work.